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How to Draw a Greek CYCLOPS

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Today we are going to make a picture of a CYCLOPS!!! (A cyclops is a one eyed giant) Read these simple steps to draw your CYCLOPS!!!

What you will need to draw your CYCLOPS:

  • Pencil
  • Paper
  • Pink and blue markers

How to draw a CYCLOPS:

  1. At the top of your paper make a face shape.
  2. Now in the middle of the face make an eye outline.
  3. About a centimeter down make an upside down question mark.
  1. Make a mouth however you like.
  2. Make tons of small dots from the nose and under.
  3. Now make tons of squiggly lines for the beard.
  4. Go to the eye, and make a circle inside it, then make a darker circle inside your bigger circle.
  5. Then make a very small oval on the side the light is shining in on.
  6. Above the eye make a curved line, for the eye brow, then make little hairs off of the line.
  7. Now make small hairs off of his head.
  8. Draw his broad shoulders and his arms at his side.
  9. CYCLOPS only have four fingers so, I am going to have a club in his hand so, draw three fingers  with 2 straight lines coming off of it with and a roundish club shape coming off of it.
  10. For the other arm, just make four fingers at his side.
  11. Start his chest by taking the side his arms, and bring them down to make a rectangle without a top.
  12. For the legs make three lines down from the rectangle, and bring them down until the feet, just do 2 little “u’s” pointing to the corner of your page.
  13. CYCLOPS really like pink polka dots on their shirts so, we are going to put pink polka dots on his shirt.
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Looks like a red pepper with horns

A couple of months ago, I was dootiling around and made a picure like this one.20160418_094242 It looks like a red pepper with horns,or a chile, dosen’t? I think it dose but, it is a dragon head, I love dragons. There will be lots more posts about dragons, this is just one of the types of dragons I like to draw!!!

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Never ending Art

This is a picure my little brother made. 20160418_093653Art is never ending!!! I love art, I feel inspired when I do art!!!  When I do art, I feel excited,  not the type of excited you get when opening a present, it’s different, it feels like you want time to stop. Art is every where, at every time.