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Today we got snow it is really fun, we haven’t gotten snow for a long time,(it at least feels like a long time ,to me!).I made a”Turbo Exporter”, and a “Rolly Polly throne”. Then some snowmen. My brother and sister and I, went sledding, that was fun!!!

These pictures are of the yard a couple hours after we played it the snow, most of it was melted.

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3 thoughts on “SNOW, SNOW, SNOW!

  1. I notice this post was made Dec. 6, 2016. I like the way you seized the moment to play and delight in the snow before it quickly melted that day! And today, Jan. 1, 2017, I see from your mom’s FB post that you are out playing in a thick covering of snow today too. In her picture, you are standing by a shoulder-high mound of snow that you (and maybe your brother and sister too) have rolled up like sod. That’s the kind of snow that I love to play in. Same with the Dec. 6 snow. Annika, last night while we talked on the phone, you mentioned how beautiful the light dusting of snow was on your yard at that moment. I love the way you are very present to what’s going on around you, and you take time to delight in it…or respond to whatever the situation is (happy, sad, thrilling, scary,or funny), in a very authentic way.

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  2. That snow looks like it was really really fun! i like the photos of the designs left in the snow after you played. I really like the pumpkins! I hadn’t seen them before. Did you have them set up like that at Halloween? Or for Thanksgiving? Did you grow them all?

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