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Little Blue riding Hood!/Myla!

This is a picture below of my gray wolf Myla. Above is a picture of Myla ind her “Little Blue riding Hood” cape, cute huh?(I made the cape!)

I got her from
defenders of wildlife“! Defenders of Wildlife is a really cool program! When you donate money, they save that animal, and gives you and certificate with your name on it. Then also a cute cuddly animal, and to finish of with, a picture of the animal!     20161231-img_4366


2 thoughts on “Little Blue riding Hood!/Myla!

  1. Hello Myla,
    You are a very cute wolf in your stylish little blue riding hood….I especially like the attractively covered button at your throat and the precisely placed slots for your fluffy ears to emerge. You are also a lucky wolf to have Annika as your friend, seamstress and benefactress. I hope the habitat for your brother and sister wolves is well protected by the work of Defenders of Wildlife. It is very nice to meet you Myla. I hope to see you soon.


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