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violin adventure!

This is my violin, My mom and dad got it for me, my old one was to small. it’s a very nice violin, I really enjoyed playing it all of Thursday, because we had to get the “right” violin. So on Thursday my mom and I got up and went to the violin store, we figured out that it took 5 steps, 5! First you had to find the right violin, then bow. Then after that the more manor parts of picking out the chin rest, and shoulder rest. That’s only 4, so then we had to figure out the case!!! And so this is what we decided on!20161231-img_4375


2 thoughts on “violin adventure!

  1. Your violin is beautiful, Annika. I enjoyed reading about your adventure of the whole process of getting a new violin. I love the way music and dance bring you such joy! I look forward to hearing you play in March.


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